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We all want to live well.   We may have different definitions of what that may mean, but its safe to say that we all want to enjoy our home.

We get comments from friends all the time that being at our home is like being on vacation.  That is very flattering, but it' s not by accident.  It's taken some effort. 

As of late, we enjoy our home so much that it's difficult to find a place that would feel like a vacation.   We enjoy every aspect of this home and it indeed feels like a vacation 24/7.

We think the secret to this feeling is Home Editing: Everything should have a purpose and a place to be stored.  We are no where near great at this!   But we are constantly making adjustments to get closer to our goal of using all we have.  

A fine hotel is designed to enjoy every space, not to publicly house the stuff one has acquired since college.  That's what we've been working toward.  Blue shirts are part of our daily uniform and they belong in the closet, on our body or in the hamper.  An egg pan is for eggs and if it's not in use, it should be in the pan drawer. Extension cords, receipts, spices, underwear, earphones, slippers and swiffers ... everything should have a purpose and a home.  Over the years we've created some order out of chaos and we've enjoyed it so much that it now part of our mission to help others do the same. 

We gather much more joy from giving things away than from acquiring.  Giving things away is freeing.  Acquiring is burdensome.  

If one focuses on areas that have the most clutter and items that cause the most clutter,  they could possibly make the most difference in their quality of life.  

Areas that could potentially acquire the most clutter:

1. Kitchen Counter/ Island - In most modern cultures this is now the heart of the home, but it is often treated like an extension of the garage.  

2. Bathroom Vanity - That deodorant packaging was not intended for home decor.

3. Bedside Tables - A book and a lamp will suffice.   O.K. perhaps a phone charger, but that's it. 

4. Book Cases.  So the secret here is in the name folks.  Bookcases should be for books.  Art and decorative accessories are also allowed.  But if you are getting into the board game, news-papers-I'll-Get-to, dead gold fish state of affairs ... it's time to take action. 

Items that add clutter:

1. Mail

2. Small appliances

3. Printed periodicals and newspapers

4. packaged food

5. Toys

Our best advice to edit ones life and therefore successfully nest and flourish:

1. Edit down to essentials in your wardrobe and elsewhere.   If it's not being used daily/ weekly, it needs a permanent storage solution.  If it's not being used annually (Christmas decorations and platters), it needs to be purged.  

2. De-clutter your most cluttered areas; Create strict rules about "nothing is housed in public view"!  This may seem drastic in the beginning, but eventually you too will feel the peaceful state this brings.

3. Add smart storage solutions to Kitchen's, baths and closets.  If everything has a place to reside out of sight, it will never have to be within sight.

4. Save nothing for Halloween.  One comment that is always a dead giveaway that something needs to be donated is "But Sweetie ... I could wear that for Halloween!"  Get rid of all Hawaiian Shirts and ugly Christmas sweaters. 

4. With every purchase comes a purge.  This is key.  You think you need a new shirt?  So does someone else.  We should get our closets to a livable wardrobe and never let it get bigger.  

5. If one is moving, one should take advantage of the situation and edit down their belongings.   Don't move stuff into a new house that you do not use.  We've moved 9 times in 9 years and with every move we  par down more.   We still have opportunity.



Robin Cailloux