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Patrick + Meghan Sharp


We believe that beauty and order can contribute to  a healthy and happy life.

Our first design project was the hardest: ourselves. When we began our life together as Mister + Mrs Sharp, we had to combine our households into one.  We didn't want 'his' things and 'her' things, we wanted 'our' things. Through the process of editing down all of our stuff and curating our first home together, we learned a lot about ourselves and how we wanted to live;  Simply and beautifully.  We've repeated and refined this process nine times and have also learned how much we both love design and working together. 

Our next few projects were close friends who like what we did and wanted our help with their homes. We listened to them and helped to transform their homes into beautiful spaces that took advantage of their specific architecture while reflecting the people who lived there.  Now our interior design 'side business' is moving front and center. 

With 30 years of experience in corporate visual merchandising, 10 years of home organization design and interior design, we bring our refined design sense to every project. Our designs are well-balanced and functional, while never losing touch of the client's individual style and personality. We infuse every project with the design philosophy that everyone can have a functional and beautiful home to help them nest and flourish.