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Organic design reimagined.

Warm and approachable interiors foster a well-loved home that embraces a modern simplicity with a classic foundation. Collaboration in our design process is key and allows you to forge a design style that is uniquely you.




A client's space is a reflection of their personal taste paired with cherished details. While every new client we work with has a design that is tailored just for them, we still love to include a collection of recent projects that reflect how we infuse a client's style with our design approach.

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In order to collaborate with clients both near and far, our studio offers both full-service design and remote design. Check out what each one entails and determine which one works best for you.

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The Mister and Mrs.

We are Patrick and Meghan Sharp, a husband and wife, who own and run our design studio, Mister and Mrs. Sharp. We are also avid travelers, serial organizers, and proud parents of a new family addition, Sebastian, our dog. Together we are one Sharp family.

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Sharp Furniture Co.

The 2018 Atlanta Magazine Modern Showhouse features our beautiful work. Love what you see? Now is your exclusive chance to shop one of our beautiful and incredible rooms.




Design stories to sharpen your style.

Obsessed with interior design and hungry for more content? Read through our journal to learn more about Sharp projects, get insider design tips and tricks, and so much more.


studio mission

Your dream home is achievable.


What does your ideal home look like? Does your entry greet you with warmth and joy when you walk in the front door? Are you excited to whip up a fabulous meal in your kitchen? Does a luxurious bed layered with soft linens sound like a Sunday morning dream come true?


We believe so and it's precisely why we work with clients every day who want their dream home to be a reality. 


Our journey in design began when we moved into our first home together and that feeling of luxurious comfort has driven our studio ever since. We want every client we collaborate with to have that sigh of contented comfort when they walk in their home at the end of a day. Our approach to creating that serene atmosphere begins with an organic aesthetic that hones in on each client's unique personality and tastes so that your home feels like a true extension of you.

Home is an ever evolving environment. It adapts and grows with you over time. Laying a classic foundation that you can build upon allows you to incorporate pieces you love over time. A collected home affords you the ability to change your style as it envitably will over time. Creating a space that calms you, ignites you and inspires you is what counts the most in design and what will truly stand the test of time. Interested in creating the home of your dreams? Connect with us below to share more about your project and how we can make your dream home a reality.



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